Worm Runner: Dig or jump! – Gino Ferri

Worm Runner: Dig or Jump!

Collect coins, avoid obstacles and get the highest score.
You can unlock new worms with the coins you earn.

Each worm has it’s own abilities which you can use to increase your highscore.

How to play:

– Select the type of worm you’d like to use
– Hit the Play button
– Avoid obstacles, collect coins and bonusses by jumping or digging
– Unlock new worms
– Get the highest score!

How to jump:
Pinch your thumbs from the corners of the screen to the middle of the screen.

How to dig:
Pinch your thumbs from the middle of the screen to the corners of the screen.

Every 60 minutes a bonus reward is available for you containing
extra coins to play the game.

Have fun and good luck with scoring!