Woman Cry Out – Raziela Foundation

The Official app of Woman Cry Out, an organization powered by Raziela Foundation. Stay connected with videos, blog posts and a variety of resources from Woman Cry Out. Watch live programmes, stay updated on the Woman Cry Out’s video Broadcasts, Live Conferences, Woman Cry Out conferences, Esther Company Conferences and the Priscilla/Acquila Bible classes.

The App includes the following features:

– The Ministry’s Monthly and Quarterly Activities
– Live-Streaming
– Live Conferencing (Video Meeting)
– Woman Cry Out Photo Gallery
– Access to Videos of Past Programmes
– Access to Woman Cry Out’s Social Media Accounts(Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
– Blogs, Upcoming Events and Testimonies
– Notifications
– Location Services with Google Maps and Navigation
– Phone Contact

For more information visit www.womancryout.org