WK-Alphabet Fun VR – Kid Castle Educational Software Co., Ltd Shanghai

與Kid Castle- Alphabet Fun VR所創的虛擬世界一起學習26個英文字母。 Kid Castle- Alphabet Fun VR 是款少見的動作類VR教育遊戲。在Kid Castle- Alphabet Fun VR及VR眼鏡共同使用下,幼兒不需翻山越嶺就可以來到學習英文的雲端山城中。在限制時間內,聽字母發音並直覺看向字母方向即可選取正確字母並獲得積分。透過Kid Castle- Alphabet Fun VR幼兒可以清楚地同時學習字母發音及字母形狀。Kid Castle- Alphabet Fun VR絕對是提升幼兒英文聽力及專注力最佳遊戲。
Looking for a creative way to learn alphabets? WK- Alphabet Fun VR is an interactive learning game that helps pupils to learn alphabet A to Z and letter names in an amazing Virtual reality environment. With a virtual reality headset, pupils can hear the letters with fine pronunciation and see the letter shapes right in front their eyes. Let’s learn the alphabets in action on the dreaming mountaintop! And compete for the highest score.