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Wistia is the best platform for your business videos in the known universe. We know our customers are busy people, always on the move. With their phones. Phones that support apps, and the recording of professional video. So we made a thing to go on your phone. We call it: Wistia for Mobile.

Now the best parts of Wistia are sized down to fit in your pocket. With Wistia for Mobile, you can create, manage, and share your content quickly from your phone or tablet. Record a new video (like a sales intro, testimonial, event recording, or internal meeting), upload it to a Wistia project, add some customizations, and share it with your friends. Or your manager. Or your client.


Wistia for Mobile is great for:

– Emailing a proof of a product video to a client, while you’re at lunch with said client.

– Recording a video of your manager sleeping at their desk, and uploading it directly to your Wistia account.

– Choosing a video from your award-winning camera roll collection, and adding it to a Wistia project so your teammate can use it.

– Accessing a video of your company holiday party from your Wistia account, using customize to remove the video player’s controls, and then sharing it on Slack.

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what Brendan’s grandad had to say:

“This is pretty neat.”

Can’t argue with that. We are just getting started, and we’re *super* excited about creating a stellar experience for mobile. But we need your feedback to make it happen. Issues? Feature requests? Brownies? Please reach out to us at support@wistia.com. Our friendly champs will make sure your thoughts end up in the right place.