Founded on July 23, 2547 the business of design. Engineering and installation of control
systems, factory automation Factory Automation and experience. Expertise dumpers And
fmiJizer blending plant conuol system and telemetry irrigation system, plumbing and lighting.

Product and Service
1. Distribution Concrete Plant And production control Software
2. Update service Concrete Plant maintenance and calibration equipment.
3. consulting and installation of control systems, factory automation and SCADA.
4. A system for truck scales. And software inventory data to the program mix concrete
5. scales, load cells, Admixture System.

6. parts Distributors Mechanical and electrical for Concrete Plant and fertilizers in particular.
7. Mechanical equipment including motors, mixers, screw conveyors etc. Hopper.
8. Electrical Magnetics include switches, relays, breakers, power lines PLC Load Cell Display
Weight Flow Meter pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic valves Timer counter electrode. Iimit

switches, proximity sensors.

Quality Policy

Wiskcon and Krumps Co., Ltd The adoption of policies for the distribution of

And under”Trademark WK”

1. Focusing on the development of the skills. And build the confidence to customers.
2. Focus on product development machines to achieve maximum efficiency.
3. Focus on driver development. And control systems to achieve maximum efficiency
4. Focus on the service team. And counseling beyond the intended customers.
5. To build the company into an industry standard. And maintain a work environment

Goals and vision

We It emphasizes the vision of helping customers to supply quality equipment
Highest standards To provide customers with confidence And satisfied with the product.the guidelines emphasize the following

1. Focus on Safety The most significant health and environment
2. Focus on creating value for the society and ethics.
3. The application and system design. Or new inventions A world recognized quality standards in ASEAN. To the world
4. Create value and reliability to customers.
5. Sales Team and services that are dependable and flexible working.
6.Responsible for the organization and society as a whole.