Winter Holidays Vacation Fun – divya mehta


Winter may be cold, but this game is more cooler! Join us and have lots of fun in Winter holidays! Play fun mini games in Santa’s village! Enjoy the best frozen winter adventures! Winter games includes dress up, makeover, decorating games and much more. Whatever game you are searching for, we’ve got it here!

Host a royal tea party! All the friends, family and kids are invited! Prepare food goodies like cakes, macarons, coffee and so on. It is going to be a grand tea party!

The little girl played with the snowman and caught a cold and a bad fever? oops! the awful flu! Be a flu doctor and cure the flu. Use professional medical tools to treat her and make sure to give her the right treatment! Let’s go!

Its cold out there! Family needs some wooden clothes to wear. Stitch some winter dresses for the family and fill their closet with lots of stuff so that they can enjoy in the snow! Decorate the clothes with stickers, buttons and other cute decorations.

Cook BBQ Grill in Kitchen and play fun cooking game. Winter is the best time for hosting a amazing barbeque party for your family and friends! Get your BBQ grill out, and start cooking up some yummy hot treats in the kitchen. Come to our BBQ Party! Eat Yummy Food!

Do you love snowing? Is snowman making your favorite activity?Build your own Snowman and customise Snowman from head to toe with funky decorations like hats, glasses, scarves and ties!

Prepare yourself for a Snow-fight! In snowbrawl, you have to take out the opposing. team to win the battle. Pick up a snowball in order to throw it at the. opposing team. use special moves to throw snowballs.

Be a little Santa’s helper and help him clean the house. Decorate the room. Make the most amazing sculptures from ice. Stitch winter clothes for the family! Come and build a snow man by playing snow games! When the snow settles and the cold wind stops blowing there are many things to do: ski, snowboard, sled, throw snowballs, skate, and drink hot tea!