Wild Jungle Adventure – Yassine Khalesse

Wild Jungle is a Jungle Adventures WKWA Game. which is full of monsters, Zog and Monkey, you will play with both of Kratt Brothers trying to cross through the jungle and Jump over all the obstacles, creature power. Wild Jungle of Kratts Brothers During their journey, will meet incredible wild animals in their World a baby elephant, zebra, L’eps, Zog, Monkey, crocodile, cheetah, and aardvark!
You will find plenty of monsters on your way to the castle of the big monster. In Wild Kratts, You can run, jump, and dodge monsters to keep the Jungle World alive.
During playing this Wild Hero Jungle Adventure World WKWA Brothers, try to collect as many as possible coins you find so you can unlock the levels L’eps World ahead in the game to beat your Friends.
Remember the Wild will be safe Just because of you 😉

Wild Jungle of Kratts Brothers Features

Well, designed graphics 2D platform With Perfect Control.
Wild Kratts Game Jungle Adventure and Running L’eps World. Swinging with orangutans and also Climbing with a spider monkey. Wild Running Adventure Kratts Brothers to Discover.
Try to find hidden Kratts Brothers in order to get high-score, the more WKWA you smash the more score you get.

Are you an addictive WKWA Adventure Games ?? are you a fan of feed the animals Cartoon ??
Wild Jungle of Kratts Brothers is made Specific for you …Hurry up and download this Game of your favorite character to help them feed the animals and to keep the Kratts Brothers World alive.
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