Which-Card – Roee Ebenstein


Do you have more than one credit card that also gives you rewards?
Which one should you use in this restaurant you just got in? Which card should you use for purchasing this movie ticket?
One card offer points the other offers cashback, yet, which is more profitable for you?
Do you even know what the rewards schedule for your cards are?

We are here to help!
Which-Card is the first app to evaluate and compare credit card rewards based on the business your at.
Once you have added the credit card types you have (we don’t need any information that is printed on the credit card itself, only its type), we will recommend you which one should you use in nearby businesses based on your location.

But wait, there’s more!
We also support external clubs, which you may be a member of.
We will also remind you to use your external club if a business you are at provides additional rewards.

You may change the amount we calculate the rewards for by double tapping the sentence which says the amount we calculate the rewards for.
We recommend doing so since in some cases credit cards which provide flat rate cashback will become preferable for lower amounts, and since we don’t like math — the app will do it for you.

* Cards and clubs are added to our systems based on users requests. You don’t see your current rewards granting credit card? Contact us! we will add it ASAP (as long as the card issuer publicly provide information in English).
* Presenting 3 or more credit cards in the app requires a subscription.
* Adding external clubs requires a subscription.
* We are not affiliated with any credit card issuer, we are not commercializing or preferring any cards over the others – we base our calculations on public data available directly from the card issuers, and an average of multiple sources for rates conversion between points/miles to its worth.

App subscription information:
-The length of the subscription: 1, 6, or 12 months.
-The price of the subscription in the USA: 0.99$, 4.99$, 7.99$(matching to the above subscriptions, and may change in every moment in time, as prices are changing by Apple).
-The price of the subscription tiers (check with Apple for local price based on these tiers): 2, 10, 16
-All subscriptions are auto-renewable. You can cancel the subscription at every moment through “manage subscription” within the app, and through iTunes.
– Privacy policy and license agreement can be found at: http://evenroapps.wixsite.com/whichcard