WherzAt – Stealth Social – Christian Shannon


WherzAt is novel way to be social, with your close friend or even strangers. This is all about getting out there and be social in the real world with the people that matters to you.
So if you want to go to your favourite dive bar and wonder if any of your friends are up for some fun. You just drag and drop a drink magnet on your private map at the location of the bar, with the details of who, what and when, tap create. Then the app encrypts the magnet specifically for your friends and then it is transmitted over a encrypted connection and then your friends phones wakes up.

The WherzAt system is designed as a decentralized architecture to generate as little traffic as possible on our server and make sure that the majority of your data flows directly between you and your peeps.

The app is designed by me and developed by me and my crew for the vampires of Copenhagen. This was a tool I have wanted for a while now and finally we are ready with the alpha version. So you can:

– You can register WherzAt account via your number phone or login WherzAt via social network Facebook, Google

– The Map is where you add magnets, magnets can be invitations or notification on what and where things are happening. you have two types of maps. The private map is only for you and the friends you send magnets to and who sends magnets to you.
You also have a public map, where you can share magnets with who ever is around you.

Even though the data is passing through our network and dispatched from our servers We have no chance hell of decrypting your magnet.

We have done our outmost to secure the information you share by using state of the art multi layered encryption based on open and recognised encryption standards like SSL/TLS, OMEMO and PGP.

– Your data is stored on your phone, so you are in full control of all your data all the time.

– You can also create map layers, where you add all your favorite record stores or all the nice places from the last travel to Berlin. When a friend ask you for recommendations for Berlin, you just open WherzAt and select all of Berlin and send the selected locations to your friend. You can make as many maps as you want and separate locations as you like. Sort them into bars, restaurants and museums. So it is easier to share your favorite restaurant as a map with a friend.

– You can export your places and locations from Google Map and import them into WherzAt.

And all this is private and you have control of everything.
We aspire to supply one of the most secure communication platforms.

So start by installing the connect with your friends and have a great time