Where Have I Been? – Vista View Software, LLC

“Where Have I Been?” is a simple, no frills app that allows you to keep track of
where you’ve walked or ran in an area.

To start, simply tap “Track” to start tracking and tap “Track” again to stop.

You can use the app for:

• Hiking in the woods
You can place track points on your hike so that when it’s time to return, you see how you got there and follow them back.

Track a new hike so the next time you visit, you can know which trails you’ve already hiked and which ones you haven’t.

• Canvasing a neighborhood
Track which streets you’ve walked when trying to visit every street in a neighborhood.

When tracking is turned on, it will mark locations on the map of where you’ve been, even when cellular service is unavailable. Even if the map is blank, points can be tracked and displayed relative to your location using your phone’s GPS.

Like all location based apps, “Where Have I Been?” will drain the battery quicker when tracking is turned on.