What’s Poppin’ – Darin Edmonds


What’s Poppin is designed to bring you to the best bars with the best drink specials at the best times.
What’s Poppin: A discussion about what bars, concerts, or parties are Poppin. Also, you can start a chat room with friends so you can let everyone know when and where you are going out.
Drink Specials: Ready to save some money when going out? You will be able to see all the drink specials any bars have to offer on any given day.
Drink prices: Always know the price of your favorite drink and save money at the same time.
Events: Are you tired of missing out on your favorite band again? Here, you will be able to see all the upcoming country, rap, rock, and EDM concerts around your local area.
Local bars: Shows the name and location of each bar in the area as wells as address and directions from your current location.
Parties: Another discussion tab so you can post and receive addresses for parties or pre-game’s.
Party Selfies: Post your pictures when you are out having fun.