What-To-Watch – Abhinav Singhal

Millennials are a generation where people refuse to eat untill there’s something playing on the tv. But through ages of bing watching we all exhaust the movies and tv series that we could watch.

‘What to Watch’ is a forum dedicated to ending this crisis.

The idea is simple, people give a micro review of the flick they recently watch, through a ranking the hottest verdicts go to top. These verdicts gives you an awesome list of movies and tv series that you may watch.

What to watch has a forum where you may ask people what sort of movie or series you want to watch. People respond with movie names.

1. Micro Verdicts – User curated list of verdicts
2. Similar to – A list of ‘More like this’. Browse through movies which best relate to your favorite flicks.
3. Forum – Ask people what type of movies there are
4. Watchlist – Whenever you see a movie worth watching add that to your watchlist, so you are always loaded with options.