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Prepare for 2019 with Top Employment Law Experts!

Join savvy HR professionals and business owners at Employers Group’s annual Workplace & Employment Law Update (WELU) in Anaheim, Ontario, San Diego, Burbank, Beverly Hills, San Francisco! This one-day event delivers timely law updates before the new year so that you have time to update your policies for 2019 and maintain compliance.

For over 70 years, California companies have relied on Employers Group’s annual one-day Workplace & Employment Law Update (WELU). The information-packed event covers the issues, laws, and practices California businesses need to be aware of for the upcoming year.

WHY ATTEND WELU? Do you feel 100% confident in answering these 10 questions?
* What adjustments have you made regarding 1099s in light of the Dynamex decision?
* How have you prepared to objectively investigate a harassment claim?
* Did you include the correct local leave law notification in your leave policy?
* What steps are you taking to mitigate supervisory legal liability?
* How are you calculating pay, bonuses, missed breaks, missed meals and overtime?
* How are you handling de minimis “off the clock” work?
* What’s your plan to train each of your employees on harassment prevention?
* What tips do you provide to supervisors about retaining talent?
* What expectations have been set for the most critical jobs in your organization?
* How will incorporate these 16 new or changed laws into policies and procedures: AB2338, * AB3082, SB2282, AB1976, SB1123, AB2334, AB2610, AB1654, SB970, AB3109, SB224, * SB820, SB826, SB1252, SB1300, SB1412.

If you are not fully confident you have a 100% correct plan in place for all of the above items, you are not prepared for 2019. Attend Employers Group’s Workplace & Employment Law Update.

Why I Have Attended WELU
* The event keeps me updated on the latest changes in labor law.
* The closest and easiest legal event to update. Plus, it’s only one day!
* Timely information in a very pleasant setting delivered by the experts.
* The event is the perfect size. Not so big that you feel like you don’t matter and small enough to ask questions.
* I am able to apply what I learn immediately on the job. The ROI of attending pays off in the first hour!
* And many more benefits!

Few of the WELU 2018 agenda/topics:
* Fearless Talent Decisions that Can Make or Break Your Business
* What You Still Get Wrong About Breaks and Pay
* Leaves Challenges: State Law, Ordinances & Your Policy
* Dealing with Poor Supervisory Practices
* Talent Retention: Using the Stay Interview
* 2018 Labor and Employment Law Developments by Richard Simmons
* Calculating and Determining Status, Pay, Bonuses and OT

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Select the WELU 2018 date & location:

** Disney’s Grand Californian, Anaheim – Friday, November 2, 2018
** Airport Doubletree by Hilton, Ontario – Tuesday, November 6, 2018
** Del Mar Marriott, San Diego – Friday, November 9, 2018
** Burbank Airport Marriott – Monday, November 12, 2018
** Beverly Hills Marriott – Monday, December 3, 2018
** Marriott Marquis Union Square Area, San Francisco – Wednesday, December 5, 2018

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