WatchMe App – Manfred Sprenger

Watchme – keep a watchful eye on your loved ones
Watchme is a revolution in the Social Media world. It contains all functions of all major media networks and many more unique functions. Discover the world and share your thoughts, impressions and feelings with millions of users. Capture your most valuable moments and share them with your loved ones.

Use Watchme to:
• Post disappearing (if you choose) text, pictures and videos to the wall and your profile
• Automatically notify your loved ones with your mood at a click of a button, that can be found at the bottom left on the wall or in your profile
• Automatically notify your loved ones with a push of a Distress button on your profile if you are in danger, in a car accident or any other dangerous situation. They instantly will be notified of your exact location on a map.
• Play the “Where Am I” game with your friends to compete, collect points which will be shown on your profile. (Friends and Family fun)
• Like/ share a post and see how many views a post achieved.
• You select if you are visible to all your friends, or you select the friends you want to be visible to on map.
• You select which friends you will allow to have a video chat with you.
• You turn GPS on or off to control if you want to be visible or mot
• The map function does show your friends location if they allow you to see them (depends on their settings)
• By tapping on a friend’s location pin and the direction arrow bottom right you get instant driving directions to your friend.
• By tapping on a friends name above location pin you will load his or her profile.
• send a message to a single friend or create a group chat with multiple friends
• initiate a single or multi person video chat with friends you and they selected and allow in settings.(tap on the + once in first video chat to add a person)
• Live stream videos from your phone. Your friends will be notified, can watch what you are streaming and leave comments on screen. (comments with next update)