Warrior Stickman Fighting Hero – Afaq Ahmed


The stickman fighting warrior is the best game of survival. Be the stick figure and get ready to beat the stickman enemies. The warrior battle has been started to beat them up. Get ready for the heroic fight between different stickman characters. This is the game of survival in this stickman warrior fighting game in which you need to keep on fighting till the end. Show the skills that are needed for the stick figure hero warrior.

Download this epic stickman war destruction game now and be the hero warrior. Experience the best ragdoll physics to keep fighting with other stick warrior. You are the stickman hero in the warrior fighting. Time to beat them up with different weapons that are randomly spread on the floor. Pick them up. Be the strategic one and try to destroy the stickman enemy. Pick up the sword, stick or archer to attack the stickman to kill. You are here for the stick man fight. Join the battle and fight!

Destroy stick man warrior using different weapons, attack and beat them up to be the crazy ragdoll hero. The stickman fighting hero war has been started. Kill the stick enemy completely within the shortest possible time. Attack on the head to get the most points. Be careful with your health bar as well as you need to avoid the collision with the hurdles. Get as much points as you can in this stickman war hero fighting game. Complete the levels, break the bones and destroy your stick warrior enemies.

All you need is to survive in this stickman battle epic fight. Hit them on the head and other parts of the crazy ragdoll to lower down the energy stick figure. The fun and addictive gameplay with the amazing 4 backgrounds of the epic fight stick figure. Play the warrior fighting which is the most addictive stick figure. Fight against the stickman enemy within the shortest possible to gain most points. Unlock other stickman skins by earning maximum points and coins.

15 addicting levels to select for the stickman warrior fight
Different ragdoll skins to select
Break the bones and earn points
Use different weapons for the stick battle
Lower down the health bar by beat them up

Addictive realistic Ragdoll physics
10 exciting levels for the heroic war
Exclusive soundtrack of breaking bones
Different weapons to use for stickman fight
4 different backgrounds to beat stickman