SCADA System Management
With the VP.Start app, you can remotely manage your consumption of electricity using your smartphone or PC. The app will provide you with an easy-to-use interface perfect for downstream users. The VP.Start app is the perfect point of communication between utilities and customers.

Alien Check
We are proud to release our social media platform Alien Check. This network allows you to communicate with a variety of vendors, contractors, and professionals in the field of electricity generation and distribution. You can now communicate with professionals in the field and create new business relationships.

International Shopping
The VP.Start app is not limited to managing the SCADA System. By using VP.Start Solutions or SH World Market, you will have access to a variety of services and materials worldwide. Our highly-secured server allows our clients to list their components for sale and also place orders online. You also have access to all the devices made by VP.Start. The listings are visible worldwide.

User-friendly Interface
The VP.Start app is so easy to use that managing your consumption of electricity, buying devices to improve your SCADA system, or selling devices you no longer need will only take a few seconds out of your day.

The VP.Start app is secured using a level of encryption that makes unauthorized connections almost impossible. Your data is safely stored in our server. If you decide to erase messages on the Alien Check app, the data will also be deleted in our server. Your personal information remain private at all times. You are solely responsible for sharing your information with a third party.

Field Work Activities
You will also be able to follow in real time how the VP.Start Company is expanding. We believe that it is essential for our users to know what we do and how we do it. You no longer need to spend hours looking for information about a company. We like to know that our clients feel safe and secured when conducting business with us.

Languages Supported
The app is currently available in Khmer and English.