Vitis4All – anton bag


Discovery of the wine heritage for all, this initiative aims to reinforce the coherence and effectiveness of local policies recognized as a factor of sustainable insertion, in particular because they include

the promotion of equality in the social inclusion of people with special needs
enhancing the value of Europe’s natural and cultural heritage by making it accessible to all.
The Vitis 4 All project will optimize and improve the tourism product “Wine Route” existing in the territories of the partners through cooperation. It will adapt the product to a segment of the population with special needs, making the wine travel a touristic product for everyone.

The project aims to initiate an awareness of the need to bring together public and private actors in the same destination around Wine Tourism for all to stimulate innovation and promote synergies that foster economic activity include the wine héritage.

The project is supported by ENAT *European Network for accessible Tourism.

The objectives are:

Position destinations involved in the process as an accessible oenotouristic destination.
Create a transnational tourism product linked to the cultural heritage of the wine industry integrated into the international and European tourism market, for people with disabilities or temporary special needs.
Improve market targets, attract a new type of customer out of seasonal tourism activity
Promote accessible products and packages for use as a communication channel
To give the opportunity to know the cultural oenotorism, oriented and adapted to an inclusive tourism.
Provide access to information on the product of wine tourism to people in difficulty through technological tools.
Improve the skills of tourism agents through accessibility training.