Vernier Instrumental Analysis – Vernier Software & Technology

Our free Vernier Instrumental Analysis™ app makes it easy to incorporate instrumentation into your chemistry curriculum. The user-friendly interface walks students through the data-collection process and includes instrument-specific analysis features.

Collect, analyze, and share data from our Mini GC™, Mini GC Plus, Go Direct® Mini GC, Go Direct Polarimeter, and Go Direct Cyclic Voltammetry System with this free app.

Students can collect a gas chromatogram from the Vernier Mini GC, Mini GC Plus, and Go Direct Mini GC. They can also determine peak area and integrate peaks.

Using Go Direct Polarimeter, students can collect polarimetry scans and optical rotation data for individual samples, as well as over time. The mutarotation kinetics of sucrose has never been easier to observe.

If students have the Go Direct Cyclic Voltammetry System connected, they can easily collect voltammograms to analyze current peaks and determine standard potentials of electrochemical reactions.