Veloopti – Veloopti Pty Ltd

Veloopti is a Saas based infrastructure and application monitoring platform with enterprise features such as: role based access; monitoring policy creation; group based policy deployment; dashboards and comprehensive auditing. Monitor Linux and Windows servers and the applications they run. The Veloopti app is the perfect companion to your existing Veloopti account.

Ditch your email or SMS monitoring notifications by using the Veloopti app. Easily view new or open monitoring events right on your phone. Filter the events and hide the ones you aren’t interested in.

With customisable push notifications you won’t miss a thing. Configure and be notified of only the events you want. Open the event from the notification list without having to search for it. And with a touch of your finger you can either mark it as read by you, or close it for everyone.

Open an event to see when it occurred, the application that was impacted and more. Read its full audit history and view the results of any command that has been automatically run. Write a comment to share your thoughts with others. Manually run a script or command from a node or event that can help you to diagnose what has caused the issue, or to resolve it completely.

For greater security you can configure the app to open using biometrics, i.e require your face or fingerprint. Be 100% secure in the fact that if anyones borrows your phone, they haven’t borrowed your monitoring. Unless they borrow your finger too!

Current functionality
• Receive push notifications that are configured on a: per-organisation; per-application and per-severity basis
• Events that can be filtered by: time; application; severity; and status [open or closed]
• Run an action (OS command or script) on a server
• View the full Veloopti audit history of servers and events
• Optional enhanced security by requiring biometrics, like a fingerprint or face scan, each time the app is opened [remember to swipe the app closed to require this]
• Each user has a single login that is used for all organisations

Veloopti reviews, analyses, monitors and manages the processes and operations of your servers and the applications they are running. View the uptime metrics of servers, websites, applications and any url. Notify your users when a breach is detected to help prevent system failures. Make your engineers ‘best practice’ everyone’s ‘best practice’. Use the Veloopti phone app to always have access to the state of your IT infrastructure and applications. Run actions to remediate issues either when an event is created or ad-hoc. Have one account across multiple organisations that all use Veloopti.

To use the Veloopti app you must login with your existing Veloopti account. All organisations associated with your account will be available to you within the app.