Velocity.IO – Elluminati

Play online against other players all over world, to become the fastest driver of them all !

Play more to increase the speed, Score as much as you can and be the fastest driver.

Control the car by pressing LEFT and RIGHT part of the screen.

Collect the Fuel and survive the more.

If your car touches another FASTER player or any obstacles, you will explode and then it’s game over.

Take down other drivers to steal their fuel and get kill bonus.

Slow down your car by collecting the orbs. Player with highest points in the leader board not necessarily be the fastest.

You think you are a surviver? Stay away from the fight,increase your Score, ladder up the Leaderboard.

You a fighter? boost up your speed,finish off other cars,take them down and rise up the Leaderboard.

Suit your play style.

Download this awesome game and start flooring.

Good luck!