Vehicle Expenses – Amir khan Afridi

Vehicle Expenses app is used for tracking milage and vehicle maintenance. Vehicle Expenses will save your money and keep your vehicle maintenance at its optimum.


* Tracking
– keep track of all your refuelling stops.
– keep track of service and maintenance.
– Manage as multiple vehicles as you want .
– You can choose motorcycle and a boat.

* Analyse
– Powerful reporting feature for all your vehicles .Get an instance overview of all your expenses , services , maintenance as per year, month , week and day.

* Statics
– Total cost per day, week, month, year
– Fuel cost per day, week, month, year
– Services cost per day, week, month, year

* Settings
– Customise units (distance , fuel)

* Export
– Easily export your data to Numbers or Excel with E-mail.

* Backup
– Easily maintain your backup of vehicle history .You can easily import and export data to DropBox using Gmail.