Vagn – vehicle management – Deauville Group, LLC

Manage maintenance, scheduled service, expenses, fuel, mileage, insurance, and visualize expense report throughout the years for all your vehicles in one place.

> Keep track of every maintenance that has been done on your vehicles. When you take your vehicle to the shop, you want to track when and what has been done on your vehicle such as maintenance date, new parts, engine work, warranties, service advisor, etc.

> Manage your scheduled service within the app and ditch the car sticker. Vagn will help you track your next scheduled service and keep a history of all records and add service reminder to your calendar.

> Ever wondered how much you spend on gas – Vagn will help you enter that information and visualize your fuel expenses throughout the months and years.

> Manage all vehicle related expenses such as payment/lease, rental, parts/accessories, parking, tollways, auto wash, etc. Vagn will help you track all this information per vehicle.

> Manage your mileage information – simply add your mileage, rate and Vagn will calculate the total reimbursement for you. In addition, you can track reimbursements per vehicle per year.

> Add your insurance companies and insurance info such as policy number and so on, that way you have all the information you need handy inside the app for every vehicle.

> Add emergency contacts such as roadside assistance, tow truck numbers, etc.

> Switching to a new phone or deleted the app by accident, no worries you can sync up your data and not worry about losing all that information, in addition the same data is available to you across all your iOS devices.

> App comes with the Platinum theme. All other themes are available as in-app purchase.

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