US Classic Muscle Car Offroad – Mamoona Iftikhar


This is the amazing and coolest car racing game, US Classic Muscle Car crazy American Adventure 3D is based on the life of a passionate rider. You can be one too by playing this exotic car racing game and become the best stunt expert and extreme car driver. This US Classic Muscle Car crazy American Adventure 3D comprises of various gameplay modes and next some real generation cars to enjoy your car racing skills. This extreme car driving and drift simulator game requires extreme fast drifting skills on challenging sporty muscle car. US Classic Muscle Car crazy American Adventure 3D is based on true physics engine with crazy cool controls and challenging game play options. The advanced V8 engine in all the drift cars gives you the ultimate joy of racing this muscle car. Enjoy racing on various extreme deadly off road tracks on customized vehicles and feel the curves in this virtual car racing game. This simulation car racing, drifting and stunts game requires precise driving while taking care of pedestrians on main city highways.
US Classic Muscle Car crazy American Adventure 3D is the new and coolest muscle car game is here. This stunning drifting game is out now on Apple market. Remember the amazing most famous car racer? That was the most famous driver of his time which now is going to be you, who was known for his brisk driving skills and the master of knockout car drift racing. This new American offroad adventure is based on the real life true story of a real drifting expert. You grew up watching formula crazy car racing and rally car racing and he had a dream of becoming a true master car racer one day. He was much focused about his goals and stood firm to fulfill the dream of being a racer with his motivation towards muscle car racing. After his high school completion, he professionally started muscle car American adventure racing in Las Vegas City. With his excellent driving strategies and extreme drift nature of play, he put his mark in the famous sports car racers of the city.
Start and play the challenging and dodging game and drift in the American crazy muscle sports car of your choice from the top muscle cars of the millennium. Drift drive your own crazy mustang and dodge the other cars in the insane driving expertise in this game. In this newly introduced game US Classic Muscle Car crazy American Adventure 3DdDrift drive an American sports muscle car as much as you can and earn coins and make highest score in the game! The more you drift like a pro the more scores you’ll get. Become the insane driver of the classic muscle car and unlock all the crazy missions by making high scores and reaching the target!
Key Features :
• Exciting and dynamic game play ensures you hours of fun
• Car damage is extremely realistic and feels like natural
• Drifting and racing simulations for perfect driving
• Great graphics engine and multiplayer mode
• Real V8 engine sounds and easy controls
• See the target of every level of the drift racing game.
• So easy and smooth to play
• Real challenging high speed race