UNRemote – Remote Control – Lily Cheyne

The universal remote control app can easily transform your iPhone and iPad into a super universal remote controller.

TV, cable TV set top box, DVD, audio power amplifier can be easily controlled by iPhone, iPad’s universal remote control app.

Super powerful function: – mobile phone universal remote control: Telecontrol TV, air conditioner; super remote control: click TV program name remote control TV to play this program – palmtop TV program: the world’s most comprehensive, the most accurate one week TV program notice

II. intelligent universal remote control: – 14 types of remote control: remote control TV set, set-top box, air conditioning; 5885 equipment brand support: support the use of mobile phone remote control of the United States Air conditioning, Haier air conditioning, big gold air conditioning, the same continent set top box, SKYWORTH TV and many well-known equipment brands.

Note: the external infrared emitter needs to be connected.