Twyne – Twyne, Inc


Choose an interesting co-rider to share your commute.
Twyne is on the fly co-riding with working professionals!

Twyne rides are different:
• Twyne is not like Uber or Lyft and it’s not a carpool. We only match one driver with one rider.

• Twyne matches a driver and a rider who are both nearby and who are both going to the same or nearby destination at or about the same time.

• Decide each time if you want to drive or ride. It’s all in the same ONE app.

• Driving? Choose your rider from a list of matches. Twyne uses LinkedIn profiles from which you can choose.

• Twyne riders only reimburse the drivers at a rate of $0.535 / mile (the IRS limit for reimbursement). This is all handled inside the app.

Real connections, not just rides:

• Twyne makes sharing rides easier. Make new friends and form relationships right where you work and live.

• Ride in the carpool lane and get there faster.

• Lower your carbon footprint and save the environment.

• Rider pays for the driver’s expense only; the driver’s not making money from you. Everyone benefits.

Our mission is to create limitless social opportunities for our members – opportunities for career acceleration; for new off-line friendships; for worthwhile connections in your work and home communities; for inspiring idea exchanges; or just for a fun conversation with a neighbour – one engaging co-ride at a time.