Turbine Dr – ADENSYS


Dentists, take control into your own hands! Reduce downtime and potentially catastrophic handpiece failure with this invaluable diagnostics tool!

Introducing “Turbine Dr.”, a revolutionary software tool that uses the sound signal from your air-driven dental handpiece to determine information about the operating condition of the most critical piece of equipment in your dental practice – your handpiece. This app is simple to use and only requires you to hold your phone near a running air-driven turbine-style handpiece. The app has two operating modes: i) RPM Check, which simply outputs the running drill speed of your handpiece (in rpm) and ii) Diagnostic Mode, which makes a determination about the operating condition of your handpiece. In Diagnostic Mode, the app makes its conclusion in a simple stop-light format: green means that your handpiece is running well; red means that a handpiece service is recommended.

This app only functions with air-driven turbine-style dental handpieces. It will not work for motor-driven contra-angle handpieces or dental micromotors. If you have any questions about the this app or other ADENSYS products, please feel free to contact us at info@adensys.net.

Turbine Dr. is Superpowered.