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From the Founders:

As college students, we experienced how difficult it was to earn money and enjoy the social side of college life. We knew there had to be a way to allow students to make money, while doing what they came to college to do – study. That’s why we created Tudr – a way for students to enjoy college life, with more money and free time, simply by sharing their knowledge with one another.

How Tudr is Different:

Students often describe traditional tutoring as awkward, too formal, and impersonal. Other tutoring apps on the market offer limited functionality, often serving as little more than a directory of tutors.
Even the best of students struggle from time to time, which is why Tudr doesn’t draw a distinction between a student and tutor. Users create one profile and can easily provide or get help from other students as needed. Get last-minute study help online when and where you need it or take ongoing lessons for tough subjects.
The Tudr platform on the other hand, has been designed to tackle these challenges, and seeks to modernize the world of tutoring through personalized one-to-one matching technology based on our user’s social and academic interests – providing a better experience for both students and tutors.
– Match with your ideal Tudr selected based on your hobbies, academic needs, and study habits.
– Setup a face to face or online meeting with a student peer to when and where you need help.
– Get help preparing for an exam/quiz, completing a project or homework assignment.
– Collaborate with your tutor or study groups through our in-app chat and messaging system.

How it Works:
Quickly get the help you need and back to experiencing the best of college!
1. Create a profile – Select your social interests and academic study habits – let us get to know you!
2. Add your preferred payment method
3. Easily post your gig
o Select your subject
o Select the course
o Briefly describe help you needed or take a photo
4. Get Matched – Read reviews and profiles to get to know our tutors
Advantages for Students:
– Affordable and on-demand peer-to-peer platform
– Match with student tutors like you who have been in your shoes and taken your classes.
– Conveniently get help you need when and where you need it; without having to a regular schedule and often without even having to leave your seat!
– Set up 30-minute sessions without having to purchase blocks of hours.
Advantages for Tutors:
– Earn $14 an hour!
– More flexible and social than a traditional job.
– Double-sided review system
– Power to set your schedule or tutor when you’re available – even between classes!
– Keep more of your money – Tudr has the highest commissions of any tutoring app.
– Get paid fast – your earnings will be in your account in 4 days.
Key Features:
– Connect Instagram
– Instant message with students
– Pre-load funds to in-app accounts
– Venmo payment platform
– Double-sided review system
– Upload photos or files
– Group messaging features for easy collaboration with study groups