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Gui Biao Zeng - Traxx it artwork Traxx it
Gui Biao Zeng
Genre: Lifestyle
Release Date: January 6, 2017

This is a two-way intelligent anti lost tailored APP.

When in use, first open the phone APP, and anti-lost device pairing, such as the small anti-lost and key hang together, the user is looking for a key, simply press the phone APP point alarm function, anti lost will be issued sound, contrary to when looking for the phone, only need to click on the button anti-lost, the phone will sound
When both Bluetooth connection is disconnected (distance) and anti-lost phone will alarm, so as to achieve a two-way anti-lost function

Meanwhile, the APP also attached photographs, videos and maps locating features, and can also support the meeting by setting the record (when recording can not get to the Anti-lost function), is a good travel companion home

The APP supports iPAD device, you can download directly on the iPAD device

The APP currently only supports Bluetooth 4.0 devices, for a two-way anti lost only managed at the same time
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