transact2 ClockIT – Transact2 Sdn Bhd

Designed and built for the convenience of easily capture the clock in and clock out time of employees. Wherever an employee goes, he/she is able to clock in and clock out with the app. ClockIT has a web admin portal which enables the admin user to access to the clocking data on a real time basis. Apart from the location information that is being captured during each clocking, option is available to support project tagging upon each clock in. Clocking Reason is another element that can be captured if necessary. All these are configurable at the web admin portal. The web admin portal is equipped with the capabilities to print report, export clocking data apart from all the setups required for the app to work.

Summary of features:
– Location tagging upon clock in / out
– Project tagging upon clock in / out (optional)
– Reason tagging upon clock in / out (optional)
– Clocking history viewing