Tow Truck Chain Link Survival – Mobligate


Welcome to the brand new driving simulator for chain car and transport truck driving game lovers. Get behind USA transport wheels where you will attach chained car to transporter truck for crazy driving adventure and transporter. In this brand new game, the car truck transporter is going to transport chained cars and container inside city. The chained car transportation duty involves transportation of chained cars via car transport truck. Tow cars with heavy duty trailer truck to transport chained car to the final point. Clear the paths blocked by car accident and traffic jam for general public with your truck. Chained Car transport duty must be carried out by an expert truck driver having ability to tow truck with chained cars and transport them safely.

Cars destroyed in car accidents while fast stunt driving or struck in traffic jam needs to be cleared by an expert car transport truck driver. Show how good are you’re in driving truck in this amazing combination of cars and trucks transport in this pioneering and new concept of truck driving and chain linking combined!

• Thrilling chain car transport on trailer truck!
• Avoid crashes and accidents on city roads!
• Don’t be the chain breaker!
• Drag chained car and container to mechanic shop!
• Challenging car transport missions in city driving adventure!
• Beautiful 3D graphics and engaging sound effects!