Total Genius – Vincent Clifford

Adding up is easy, everyone can do it, but can you find the right way to do it? Total Genius makes math fun.

Using only the given numbers and only using each one once, can you add up to the targets?

1 + 4 = 5
but so does
2 + 3
So which is the right way to get to 5?

Sounds simple right?

Sure it starts easy but with Total Genius you soon come up with challenges that will keep the grey matter in trim.

If you get stuck you can always use a hint.

With 4 different tile patterns and 150 levels, Total Genius will help you unwind while still keeping you engaged and your brain sharp.


+ Swipe up, down, left or right to link the numbers together to reach the targets.
+ If you get stuck you can use a hint to help you solve one of the targets
+ Reach a dead-end, use the Replay button to start the level fresh.

With simple rules and great casual gameplay, Total Genius is fun with sums. It helps with daily arithmetic, meaning you’ll be sharper in your daily life. Shopping and keeping track of how much your sending will be easier when you practice. Maths is something to use every day and a skill to keep sharp.

Total Genius is a Math puzzle game full of fun and addictive game play.