Tooth Fairy Magic Adventure – Free Wild Simulator Games SL.


We know how much kids love to play tooth games! This is why we brought you a whole new fantasy world of health care and dentist games for kids and families! Try now these fairy adventure games to grow up as a healthy kid!

Let’s explore this kids health game together! In this magical fairy tales you will meet one of the most gorgeous and kind little fairytale princess in the fairyland realm! She is very energetic and cannot wait to explore the world. Before she can go out, she will need your help choosing the perfect clothes for the adventure and cleaning her room a bit. Brush her teeth and her hair, wash her face and use some makeup. Dress her up for the day as fancy and colorful as you can! She is awesome and likes to pick up the baby teeth that children leave under the pillow. Do not forget that she is a fairy princess and you need to check the weather forecast to prevent her to be caught in the middle of a storm! Can you keep a secret, baby girl!?

In this amazing brushing teeth game for kids health you will discover tons of activities in which you can exercise your mind and creativity, starting from helping the twinkle fairy to get dress. Enjoy the logic games and the puzzles and improve your skills! Dress up toys, explore your fashion skills, cook, paint… Unleash your creativity with the activities of the main levels. Magical landscapes, animals and princesses are waiting for you. Play the music, change the sounds! Pick up the children’s baby teeth and leave them a present while they are sleeping! All these puzzles and activities you unlock will make you happier and will show children healthy habits!

Main features of these dentist games for kids:

– A beautiful and engaging adventure story
– Wonderful designed characters and levels
– Funny sounds and joyful music
– Minigames for healthy kids: Plenty of educational activities
– Intuitive, lots of hints and walkthroughs in which children can learn how to play on their own
– Unlockables and other fairy secrets to discover!
– Dentist games for boys: Brush teeth game inside a fantasy world full of surprises as if you were in a fairytale!

Healthy tips for girls: You will need to brush your teeth every day to maintain healthy teeth and grow as a pretty baby girl!

Have fun now with these brush games! Similar to other princess cleaning games for girls like Tooth Fairy you will surely find these stories very attractive and fun, children and especially kindergarten kids will adore the characters and will love to play the minigames many times over and over again! Enjoy and do not forget to share your achievements with your friends in these dentist games for girls!
Start brushing teeth now, let this fantasy begin and grow up as healthy kids!

These girls best games are appropriate for your pretty girl. Let your sweet baby play these tooth fairy games made of little stories about healthy habits: Take care of baby’s tooth cleaning (learn about toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash), enjoy standing out the princess beauty with different make up and mascara (facial spa) and collect teeth in these girls games!
Are you going to miss these princess games for girls?

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