Toe Nail Doctor Salon – Hitesh Chauhan


Your Patient’s Toe is Badly Hurt. Let’s help them to Get Rid of there problem. Show your skills to cure patient’s toe.

Let’s Begin with Cleaning the Leg.Use laser to kill the Germs.Apply cream and ice pack on bruise.

Now Start Toe Treatment with Cleaning the Leg. Remove Remaining nail paint using nail remover.
Remove dirt from leg.Lets Apply Wax to remove hairs on leg.
Apply bandaid on nail crack.
Put ice on swollen fingers to bring down the swelling!

Perform an X-Ray to check if the foot is all right, if any bone is broken, fix it. Use the antiseptic spray and a plaster on cuts. Clean the injured area, use a bandage and cut it off when healed.

Lets Finish By Giving Massage and Clean the foot using the shower, dry it with the towel.

Now It’s Time to decorate Leg Use Different Tatoo,Anklet,Ring and shoes.