Toddler ZOO animated – Nikolay Aleks

Toddler ZOO is the perfect app for your 1-2 year child to play.

This app is designed specially for toddlers; there are no buttons that can be incidentally pushed, no advertisements, and the app interface is adapted for small childrens – they can stroke, tap or tilt the phone.

I’ve created this app for my 14-month daughter, however I believe boys would find this app to be interesting too. Hope your clild would enjoy playing Toddler ZOO.

Future plans:
If I get enough positive reviews, I will add more animals in a future update. Personally, I want to have at least 6 animals per pack (Africa, Forest and Domestic animals) and I want to make Sea pack very badly. As you probably notice app has no ads and in app purchase. I don’t want to add ads because I fell that they would ruin the whole idea. However, maybe some animals or packs will be accessible in paid version.

Please, leave your reviews and let me know if I should continue develop this game.