TimeZzler Lite – Panin Alex

TimeZzler is the world’s first mobile solution to optimize your schedule.
This isn’t an ordinary alarm clock in which you simply set time like in the hundreds of other task managers.
Simply create a new task and set the interval for its execution.
Using a complex mathematical algorithm, TimeZzler will analyze all items in your schedule and will find the optimal task start time inside pre-set interval.
As a result, you’ll be able to concentrate on the most important task in order to achieve the best efficiency.

– the world’s first mobile application that really optimizes your tasks, not just another alarm clock
– a clear countdown for each task
– full built-in description
– 5 languages (English, Русский, Український, Español, Deutsch)
– 10 color themes
– no in-app purchases

The app TimeZzler was created by the developer with more than 15 years of experience. I’d be happy to hear your opinion on how I can improve this application to make your life even more productive.

Join me on Facebook. There you will find promotional videos and articles with examples of using Timezzler. Please contact me via the “Support” link in the App Store or write to @TimeZzler on Twitter.

!!! This is the Lite version of TimeZzler – you will have a strict limitation of the scheduled tasks (7) – there are no more restrictions (on time or repetition).
Please, note that all potential of Timezzler is revealed if you plan more than 10 tasks per day.

If you enjoy using TimeZler please take a minute to provide feedback. Thank you!