TileSmile – Innovasion LLC


Imagined and created from start to finish by a few small families and friends, this is an app for you and your kids, of all ages, even the babes, to interact at home or from afar with fun, safe, personalized, and educational videos and lessons! TileSmile (TM) provides you a 16-tile screen that you can load up with your favorite videos, hand off to your kids, and walk away knowing they can’t get into any other apps. Whether you pull old videos from your Camera Roll, create new videos, or the innovative and fun new feature Create a Lesson which allows you to record while you draw and speak, right on your device. This app is a necessity if you have kids 5 and under, and super fun for everyone else as well in providing an easy place to keep your 16 favorite videos for quick and easy viewing without digging through a camera roll every time!