The TravFoApp – Ahmet Ekti


There are 5 sections in the application.
Each section also has different purposes.
The first section is profiling.
You can add and save your own personal information.
The other sections contain detailed information about your favorite food
and places to go.
For example, you went somewhere.
You came across a different culture and enjoyed your meal very much.
You can try making that food
All you need to do is open the application and go to the Food Section and add the
necessary information
you’re a cook or you like to cook.
You enjoy spending time in the kitchen
This is the app for you.
You can add photos of your own different food
You can give a name of your own choice.
You can add other details about the meal
For example, how long did he cook?
What are your tricks in the meal?
In addition, you can save your travel places so that you know which food is where
you ate.You will not forget.