The Decision Smith – Dana Peever


Do you have a hard time making tough decisions? Do you struggle with trusting your instinct and figuring out all of the facts? Do you want to learn the secret to becoming a decision making pro?

The Decision Smith is an app that walks you through five simple steps to help you make a tough decision in your life, whether it be personal or professional. The process uses real input from you as the decision maker, coupled with your ratings and scores against factors and options. The algorithm provides you with a mathematical score and percentage pointing you in the right direction.

Are you faced with some of these questions?

Should I take that job?
Where should I live?
Should I get married?
What career should I choose?
What vacation should I go on?

The Decision Smith is an app that can take any decision you are faced with, walk you through the five simple steps, and provide you with an immediate direction.