TelloAltLimitSetter – keiji matsumoto

It is an application that changes the altitude limit of Ryze Tech’s drones “Tello”.
It is maximum 30 m.

1. Connect the smartphone to Tello’s Wi-Fi.
2. Launch TelloAltLimitSetter.
3. Move the slider.
4. Tap ‘Rewrite altitude limit’ button.

When rewriting is successful, “current altitude limit value” will be rewritten.

-Need iOS9 later.
-The setting range is 1 m to 30 m.
-iPhone(include X) and iPad compatible.
-You can choose units, Mert or Imperial.

■ Attention
-Fix the problem later.
-This application is irrelevant to Ryze Tech and DJI.
-The use of this application is self-responsibility. The results are not guaranteed. We do not guarantee anything.
-If it is set to 10 m or more, there is a danger of crash or airframe loss due to the influence of wind and Wi-Fi loss. Please judge the situation and use it.


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