Teacher Scholarspace – Edusocial Digital Solutions Private Limited


Teacher Scholarspace App is for Coaching/School/Coaching Teacher. If you are an Teacher, download the Teacher Scholarspace App.

It acts as digital diary, with rich communication features and facility to share images and videos. It enables one-directional communication between students/parents & educators.

Teacher Scholarspace app, specially designed for educators, makes it very easy for them to reach out to entire class/individual at a single click, share images, take attendance and create engagement.

Teacher Scholarspace is perfect for:
– School – College
– University – Coaching centre
– Hobby class – Tuition class

Key benefits of Admin Scholarspace app include:

1. Easy Quick self-setup
2. Share structured content
3. Monitor all communication
4. Increase parent & child participation

Parents & Students benefit from Admin Scholarspace app mobile app as it allows them to:
1. Stay connected with school anywhere, anytime
2. Get all info about institute in one place
3. See info for more than one child in same app
4. Ask queries to institute
5. Pay institute & activity fees online

Key features of Admin Scholarspace app include:
1. Uni – directional multimedia Messaging
2. Time-table
3. Assignments (Study Planner)
4. Tests & Grades
5. Events
6. Gallery
7. Attendance
8. Fee payment
9. School contact details