TBS Mobile Factoring – TBS Factoring Service, LLC


Fast Funding in 3 Easy Steps
The TBS Factoring app will take the hassle out of authenticating, collecting, and tracking your freight bills.

– Check the credit of new or existing brokers and shippers you want to work with.
– Upload the paperwork for each Schedule that you want to factor with TBS Factoring.
– Track the status of each Schedule and be notified when TBS Factoring has purchased your freight bill.

Factor Like Never Before
Factoring your freight bills is now easier than ever. Using our PDF technology you can create, edit, and organize your factoring paperwork at any time and in any order. We know that paperwork can be frustrating. Your frustrations end today.

Track your Freight Bills
Capturing images of your paperwork is only half the battle. You can now follow your Schedules and track them until your cash hits your bank account. No more second-guessing the status of your load.

Check Credit on Brokers and Shippers
Running credit has never been easier. Whether you are checking credit with someone new or an existing broker/shipper, save time with confirmation from your phone.