TaxiVa – Mobile Unlocking LLC

TaxiVa app offers the easiest and fastest way to get a taxi. Enjoy an inexpensive convenience with our all year round no surge pricing ride. With over 700 taxi all over the Addis Ababa, your request for a TaxiVa ride will arrive in minutes.

Get Started! Download the app, complete the quick signup process and book your first ride.

Booking TaxiVa is simple:
– Open TaxiVa app and set your destination; our app will automatically locate your address using GPS.
– Know the estimate of how much your fare will cost before you confirm your ride.
– Tap “Confirm” and watch how our app matches you with a driver in minutes.
– Get instant confirmation, along with driver’s picture, name, phone number and vehicle details.
– Quickly chat with your driver about his exact location using our built-in chat system.
– Share your taxi ride to family & friends so they can track your cab & know you’re safe
– Rate your driver to help us ensure we exceed your expectations.