Task Attack – Daniel Colman


The #1 anti-productivity app on the App Store!

Task Attack is a humorous, shoot’em up arcade game with a twist. Drawing inspiration from the 80’s classics, players first encounter attacking alien invaders, but soon must fend off “real life” interruptions that creep into the game and join the assault. To successfully defend the galaxy, players must defeat trips to the store, car repairs, news alerts, and other annoying distractions. Do you have what it takes to survive a Task Attack?


· One Finger Gameplay – play in one hand as you drink a smoothie

· Story Mode – play through 6 levels, each with a different invading task

· Infinite Play – high score challenge, play as long as you can last

· 8 Bit Art – takes you right back to the 80’s without the bad hair

· Full Original Music Score – guaranteed to autoplay in your head

· Hard and Master mode – take the challenge to the next level