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New private tutoring mobile app taddrees, enables school students and their guardians to connect with high caliber specialist tutors in their area for after school educational support.

taddrees enables you to:

1. Find the best tutor for you: Search and filter our extensive directory of qualified and experienced tutors by location, subject and student feedback.

2. Select and connect with tutors: Chat, share schedules and book your lesson in an instant.

3. Pay Securely: Pay for your private tuition through our secure payment system in a click of a button.

4. Track your progress: Stay up-to-date in one place with all your upcoming and completed lessons.

5. Rate your tuition: Give and share your feedback on your tutors profile.

Only at taddrees can you:

taddrees makes it quicker for students to search, filter and connect with local tutors in Dubai.

We make it easy for tutors to discuss with students how they can help them in getting better grades through offline tuition. Plus, you can directly schedule regular lessons with your selected tutor at time and place best for you.

How it works:

Get started as a student:
1. Search the area for private tutors
2. Filter by subject to find the right tutor
3. Chat, select, book and pay for your private tuition
4. Complete sessions and watch your grade improve!

Get started as a tutor:
1. Apply to be featured in our marketplace
2. Interview and get listed in our marketplace
3. Get found by students and starting booking lessons
4. Complete the lesson, receive a rating and get paid!

More about taddrees:
We aim to support our society by raising the level of education of our young students through private offline tuition. We make it easy for parents and their children to search, find and book private tutors for offline educational support. All our tutors are certified.