TABC: Compliance Reporting – Neubus Inc


TABC: Compliance Reporting is an application for Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) license/permit holders to use in order to complete and submit their annual compliance report.

TABC: Compliance Reporting allows users to quickly meet the requirements of the law from the convenience of a mobile device instead of going through a lengthy on-site inspection with a TABC auditor.

Users will complete a report for their business by answering a series of questions based on their license or permit type. Users will also be asked to submit pictures of their printed TABC license/permit, required signage, and other subjects using their mobile device’s camera.

The TABC: Compliance Reporting application requires 30 megabytes of memory on the user’s device. The application requires the user to enable location services and the camera feature on their device. The user’s mobile device must have cellular service or a Wi-Fi connection to transmit the report.

Use of Wi-Fi is highly recommended to ensure accuracy of the location services.

All users must register or be designated through the registration portal in order to use the TABC: Compliance Reporting application. The TABC will provide current license/permit holders with a web link to the registration portal.