Swipetask PRO – Swipetask Pte Ltd

Swipetask is a unique and cutting-edge solution for digitalization of workforce-management. A ‘last-mile’ solution for Management, Operations-managers, Supervisors and Crew in Cleaning-, Field-services, Facility-Management & Hospitality.

Swipetask PRO allows a Supervisor/Site-Manager to manage & take biometric Attendance of all crew/staff, manage Periodic or Project tasks with KPI, images captures & notes, use the Activity Log to record Regular Tasks and/or Faults. He can also perform Quality Inspections, have client sign digitally and more.

Swipetask PRO will allow clients to see great benefit from the solution with digitalization of work-flow & schedules, mobile & real-time reporting, resulting in improved productivity and more seamless operations.

Swipetask integrates a cloud-based Management Dashboard for instant viewing of completed tasks, inspections/rating to print/save to PDF and/or Zip and more. Swipetask is also designed to easily accommodate new templates or Forms. There are numerous filtering and visualization options which allows for deeper analytics and insights into problem- areas, laggards and in identifying high-performances etc.

The Swipetask App meets requirements for an ‘electronic cleaning audit system’ by Ministry of Education in Singapore, as well as principally qualifies as a ‘productivity tool’ under various Government grant schemes.

Swipetask can be applied to different verticals and currently we offer special templates for professional Cleaning services and Facility-Management.

Key Benefits
• Digitalize operations and make it more efficient.
• Acquisition of actionable business-intelligence
• Mobile and continuous skills-development
• Reduced miscommunication
• Rapid onboarding of new staff, ‘gig-crew’ & sub-contractors
• Motivated staff – with clarity, empowerment and reward
• Speed up and make Inspections more efficiently.
• Build reports to share with your Clients as may be required.
and of course…. Improved Quality of work

Swipetask provides monthly Cloud-based hosting of the total solution and App using the latest in data hosting technology for uptime, privacy and security. Swipetask maintains and update the solution every month incl. Information update & Version updates.

The Swipetask PRO App can also be configured and made CLIENT SPECIFIC including Tasks, Schedules, Inspection forms, Training-content, templates etc. Swipetask also offers third-party system-integration.

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