Swipe Face – Garrett Milovich


Tired of playing lame games with cool graphics? Sick of so-called augmented reality? Then have we got the game for you!

Play the game that my three year old son calls “that game daddy made.” Complete with graphics that look like your preschooler made it during arts and crafts, Swipe Face is sure to keep you occupied at red lights, during class, and when you’re on your bi-daily potty break.

The rules are simple. If he’s happy, swipe with the arrow. If he’s sad, do the opposite. Keep on swiping ’til time runs out.

Like looking at celebrities? How about senators and failed presidential candidates? That’s great, because you can switch out their faces and swipe them instead. What better way to stick it to (whatever political leader you don’t like) than repeatedly swiping a public domain image of their face?

Also, there is practice mode. Basically, your kids can play that version and NEVER LOSE. That’ll keep them busy during the newest episode of Game of Thrones.

Hurry up and download the app that will hopefully put my kids through college. They’re counting on you!