Sushi Block Puzzle – 精訊


The hottest and latest sushi game of the day is here! Easy to play, suitable for all ages of happy brain games.

The latest version of 2018, the hottest sushi block puzzle game, adds new ingenuity based on the continuation of the classic block gameplay, and has unlimited fun!

The simple purpose of the game is to fill the hidden graphics on the main screen of the game through the sushi combination that appears below the screen to restore the original image.
Through the combination of the sushi block and the method of cutting the sushi combination, the 18 kinds of sushi squares pushed out by the sushi generals fill the polygonal area.
If you can fill in a different number of sushi from 10 to 50, you can also accumulate heart-shaped life and extend the game progress.

The progress of the game will be automatically stored, and the game level will be updated regularly. Please tell your friends to have fun together, let us once again write the legend of the block world!

Introduction to play
• Tap the left or right side of each of the alternate sushi block boxes below the screen to rotate the direction.
• Click and drag the four sets of alternate sushi blocks below the screen to move.
• Fill in from the center first and put all of them into the frame of the main screen.
• Sushi combinations that are outside the range of the main screen can be filled in, but the excess sushi will be cut.
• A heart-shaped life will be deducted for every sushi cut.
• Pass each game level before the heart-shaped life runs out.
• Don’t worry! There is no time limit for the game to pass!
• Replay every sushi puzzle and challenge your personal high score.

• Eighteen sushi combinations, over 1,000 puzzles.
• Smooth square puzzle game effects!
• No color matching, just fill all the grids with matching sushi squares.
• Any alternative sushi combination can be filled in as long as there are enough heart-shaped lives.
• A variety of cute level graphics, full of fun and challenges!
• Simple and fun, different from other games of the same type of puzzle blocks.
• Play games anytime, anywhere, even in just a short time.
• Unpublish new game levels from time to time.
• Have a game leaderboard feature to record your personal best score.

• The “Sushi” game includes banner ads, inserts, and video ads.