Supermarket crane operator 3D – Muhammad Awan


Modern city needs a big shopping mall. Follow the instructions that are given to you to build super market construction game. You will be driving vehicles like heavy excavator, crane digger, dumpers truck, forklifter & road roller etc. Driving these machines are not an easy task. Heavy excavator games are really fun and enjoyable because just thinking of controlling such machines makes you happy.
Complete various missions sitting behind the steering wheel of heavy construction vehicles! Operate machines such as tower construction cranes, bulldozers, and excavators, dig holes, mix concrete – do all parts of mall’s construction! Feel like an architect and a driver in one person! Become the hero that city deserves, create pixel shopping mall with your own hands without leaving your room and have fun with Shopping Mall Building: super market Construction crane operator game.

10 amazing missions of this game
Realistic graphics and friendly UI
Attractive super market environment in crane game
Wide range of interesting driving missions
Operate different trucks, heavy excavator machines and cranes

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