Super Rangers Run – Lianzhou Yu


Join the Super Rangers !
Together with the future super rangers to start a shooting and racing double adventure .
Super Rangers Run is a free racing game combined with adventure.
Science fiction space scene opened, bring your exclusive weapons, to destroy all outside
The invaders of space
Run, jump, aim, shoot, knock down every enemy that blocks us forward. Ammunition has been warehousing, firearms have been loaded, enjoy the shooting. Super rangers can not only use a sniper like a sniper to destroy the enemy, At the same time, when the enemy in front of us, we can also with these groups of exotic creatures to a thrilling melee combat, experience the fist punches to the flesh of pleasure. All the way will encounter a variety of powerful boss, do not be afraid, destroy everything, let the foreign creatures taste our powerful, armor shooting power will definitely let them lose the confidence of the fighting. You are the super ranger, is the hero of the universe, but you are not alone, bring your pet together to fight, different pets will give you a different surprise. A variety of fighting roles as you choose, we are a strong future fighter alliance. Let us go to guard the peace of the universe!

*HD Space Scene
*Meticulous character movements and shooting effects
*Real game control
*The universe of strong BOSS
*The impact of the rapid running cool
*The mystery of the universe